About Us

PUCKO GmbH is an independent distributor of electronic components, operating successfully in the market since 1993.

We offer the benefits and advantages of a family run business: flexibility, focus on the needs of every single customer and consistency of support. It allows us to offer the best delivery terms, whether standard or complex ones. We cover the delivery and procurement of obsolete items including components which are in short supply on the market.

We have a product range, covered by the following manufacturers – Taiyo Yuden, Europe Chemi-Con and Holystone.




EYSGCNZWYBluetooth / 802.15.1/Taiyo Yuden2021
NS10145T221MNA220 uH, 7,8A, 10145 582mOhms +/-20%Tol Taiyo Yuden2021
LHL10TB3R3M3,3uH 20% (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
LB3218T471K1206 470uH/54mA 3.2×1.8 (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
EMVY350ADA221MHA0G220uF/35V 8×10 LowESR (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKY-160ETD471MH15D470uF 16V 105°C 8×15 (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKMG250ETD102MJ20S25V 1000uF 10X20 105C (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKXG351ELL151MMP1S150uF/350V 18×35.5 105C (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EMZA250ADA471MJA0G470uF/25V 10×10 LowESR (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKZE250ELL221MHB5D220uF 25V 105°C 8×11,5 3000h (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKXJ351EC3101MLN3S100uF/350V 105C 16×31.5 (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKXJ401ETD100MJ16S10uF/400V 10×16 105C 10.000h (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
ELXZ350ELL222MM25S2200uF 35V 105°C 18X25 (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKMR451VSN471MA35S470uF/450V 35×35 105C (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKY-500ELL221MJ16S220uF/50V 10×16 105°C LowESR 20% (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKXJ351ETD220MJ20S22uF/350V 10×20 105C (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKZE160ELL272ML20S2700uF 16V 20% 16×20 105C (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKXJ161ETS221ML25S 220uF 160V 16×25 20% 105°C (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EMZR100ADA152MJA0G1500uF/10V 20% 105°C 10×10 LowESR AEC-Q200 (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EKXJ351EC3470MK25S47uF/350V 20% 105C 12,5×25 3,5mm (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EMVY500ADA221MJA0G220uF 50V 105°C 10×10 (RoHS)Nippon Chemi-Con2021
EMK325BJ226MM-T1210 22uF 16V X5R 20% (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
GMK212B7105KG-T0805 X7R 1uF/35V 10% (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
TMK212ABJ475KG-T0805 4,7uF 25V X5R 10% (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
EMK212BBJ226MG-T22uF 20% 16V X5R 0805 (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
TMK107BJ334KA-T0603 X5R 330nF/25V 10% (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
JMK212BJ106KG-T0805 10uF 6.3V 10% X5R (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
EMK212AB7225KD-T0805 X7R 2,2uF/16V 10% (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
JMK107BJ475KA-T0603 4,7uF 6,3V 10% X5R (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
HMK325B7474KN-T1210 470nF 100V X7R 10% (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
LMK325BJ226KM-P22uF 10V X5R 10% 1210 (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021
UMJ212CC7474KGHTE0805 X7R 470nF/50V 10% Soft-Term AEC-Q200 (RoHS)Taiyo Yuden2021


Am Mueggelpark 23
15537 Gosen-Neu Zittau

Telefon: +49 3362 8889600
Fax: +49 3362 8889604

Email: pucko@pucko-elektronik.com